Welcome everyone to my cupcake blog

cupcakesHi everyone,  I’m Judy and here is my first blog!!! I’m just getting starting in blogging so bear with me. My hubby, Jason will be helping me with all the technical stuff, but I will be doing all the writing.

I love to bake (cupcakes especially), play with my kids, hang out at home and watch movies with the family.

I also love to buy all sorts of kitchen gadgets to help me with my baking. Kinda like Jason with his toys (his new electric toothbrush, video games, golfing stuff and much more) but for me it is stuff around the kitchen that I love, like my new kitchen aid mixer, my new food processor and as of last week my new keurig coffee maker. You will hear me talk about these things throughout my blogging career, and maybe Jason will chime in here and there to talk about his toys. (Just in case you’re looking for a present idea for your hubby/boyfriend)

Please interact with us, share your stories and I will do the same. Can’t wait to get this started.

And just to get started here is one of my favorite cupcake recipies of ALL time. It literally takes me 30 mins to makes these, and best of all they taste batter than any other cupcake that I have had, EVER! Just go to the link here… simple vanilla cupcakes

Stay tuned.

A Guide To Learning Mortgage Brokers

Making the decision to purchase a house is a stressful and exciting time inside a person’s lifetime. Before you look for the perfect apartment, we require to find the perfect mortgage broker. Finding any mortgage broker is easy- we can only look online or inside the yellow pages. Choosing a great mortgage broker is a little tougher; several are not as good as others. How do you see the broker which is right for we plus the family’s house purchasing demands?

Collect at least three names of loan officers or brokers or even about seven or eight. Why a lot of? Because it can have been a limited months or years because a referral source last utilized this individual and it happens to be possible which they have moved to a different business or even changed careers. Additionally, not each http://surrey.bc-mortgagebrokers.ca will wish To function with we concerning goods which we are discussing. Also list any broker or loan officer that you have utilized in the past plus were happy with.

Pre-approval may mortgage broker surrey bc furthermore improve a provide when the time comes, particularly when you’re contending with additional customers. The seller doesn’t have to wonder if you can come up with all the funds on closing day.

It’s all a matter of choice however because a guide to what to look out for here are some tricks on selecting your best sources of information as you look for the greatest home financing Australia has on provide.

Second mortgage loan financing can be helpful for several factors! With a second mortgage or private 2nd mortgage you will be able to do a debt consolidation, repair credit or conserve yourself from foreclosure by paying off a first mortgage arrears or initial mortgage broker in canada arrears.

We did not provide them much. You gave them a technique for them to contact you. You gave them the idea of the value of the property, the mortgage principal we nonetheless owe. Maybe the amount of the equity line of credit. We didn’t tell them about any of your alternative assets or liabilities. You didn’t tell them regarding a credit score.

During the house buying procedure, you will find that a great deal of resources are absolutely accessible to help you out online. This applies to home listings, tips and tricks to aid you receive began, plus getting you in touch with different services that might be beneficial to you in the home buying procedure. Learn to utilize these online tools plus learn to separate advantageous info from bad info. This could be an ideal time to discover a lot about different types of mortgages too. Just be sure which you check the info you’ll read before we really follow them.

Only we know the right gearing percentage for you. It should be aligned with an investment approach and risk profile to guarantee we can rest at evening.

Real Estate Market – Initially Destination For Your First Home

The irony of the situation is that both loan officers worked inside 30 miles of every alternative. This raises a query… What is the difference between those that are closing hundreds of loans this year, plus those trying to obtain 1 or 2 per month? Attitude, plus trust…

Many years back I received a telephone call from a gentleman stating he was searching for a http://surrey.bc-mortgagebrokers.ca/best-mortgage-brokers-in-surrey-bc-and-lowest-rates to “establish a business relationship with.” That struck me as an expert method to do company. I ended up doing a couple of transactions with him plus felt you had a good functioning relationship. He approached me because a specialist plus I treated him as such. The point is, when you contact the individual you’re considering using, let them recognize you may be searching for a mortgage broker to establish a company relationship with.

Women will handle pressure much better than men. Women can multi-task, and handle a great deal of jobs simultaneously and take the pressure. I like doing one job at a time. If somebody asks me to do something else before I have finished the task at hand, my standard reply is” What do we think I am, a female? I can only do 1 job at a time” It commonly gets a laugh plus me out of another job.

If you were referred to a particular loan officer try to remain with which person. If you really have a broker name or when the individual you were referred to is not any longer there plus you still want to go and visit the broker, ask for the broker or manager of the firm plus not just any loan officer who gets the phone. While this could not always be possible or practical, unlike a loan officer, the broker does not have to split the income with anyone else. In a larger broker the broker might not be capable to provide the loan the full attention it needs. However constantly commence with the mortgage broker surrey bc or manager and work down.

There are equally neighborhood mortgage broker in canada associations which are not affiliated with a national organization and I would nonetheless give credit to the broker or loan officer for being a piece of a group which offers ongoing knowledge plus sets goals of ethical specifications to their members.

The information regarding Forex presented here usually do one of 2 things: either it can reinforce what you recognize about Forex or it may teach you anything new. Both are superior outcomes.

Remember which you can receive an adverse mortgage loan whether or not 1 broker is discouraging. Lenders might not be swarming we to pick them, yet they are accessible. You can simply have to look a little harder than most folks. Always be on time with the interest repayments because we may end up losing the house very quickly. If you strive to remain on time, there is no method to fall behind. Of course, should you allow yourself slip one time, we might conveniently go into a downward spiral of lateness. So, be sure we constantly create it a priority to pay on time.

Just checking in

keep-calm-were-expecting-baby--4Hey everyone,

we’re still here just been super busy. Just found out that we’re expecting so been super busy with different doctor appts etc.

Please keep the emails coming, if there’s any topics that you would like to see please let us know.

Jason is waiting eagerly to make some changes to the website.

Thanks talk soon.


Cupcake Wars

Is anyone else in love with this show, Judy there by the way. I know Jason just made a post about his new toy, but I can’t get enough of Cupcake Wars. Great show and it’s about something we all love, cupcakes. Let me know what your favorite episode is in the comments below.

Buy the best electric shaver for your husband or boyfriend

Ladies, I just bought an electric shaver for myself and I have to tell you this is the best purchase that I have made in a long time. If you need a gift idea and your man doesn’t own an electric razor then you should really consider getting him one.

Find the best electric shaver was actually easier than I thought. I went to a few different websites that helped me alot, i’ll link to them at the end of this article. One of these websites was Amazon and there I found literally 1000′s of real reviews from buyers of different kinds of electric shavers. They had electric shaver reviews on over 50 different kinds of razors, so finding the best shaver wasn’t too difficult. All I did was sort all the shavers by the most reviews, then I looked at the average rating of each shaver. I then read the most recent reviews on the shaver and made my decision.

Now about the shaver, the one I got was the Braun Series 7 790cc electric shaver. This shaver had over 1400+ reviews and averaged 4.4/5.0 stars. This shaver was also under my budget of $200.

Here’s what it looks like in my hands and boy does it feel great on my face.

best electric shaverOnce I’m done shaving with this razor my face feels like I just used a straight blade. It’s that close of a shave.

This is probably one of the best electric shavers for men, and heck I know a few women who also use an electric shaver that’s made for a man, so ladies don’t be shy to borrow your mans toys.

The other thing that I like about this shaver is the pulsonic feature. What this does is it vibrates as I’m shaving. I’m still not sure how well this feature works but what I’ve read is that it gives a closer shave because of these pulsonic vibrations.

So if your boyfriend or husband has a birthday coming up, why not get him something that he will use. It will even make a great Christmas gift. Think about it, if you have any further questions I would be happy to answer them for you, just post them in the comments.

The site that I found most useful in my search for the best electric shaver is right here: http://www.mcsdtechcenter.org/best-electric-shaver There’s also a nice video showing the electric shaver in action.


Jason here offering my help

Wiley-Coyote-HelpHey there ladies, this is Jason and I thought I should get a make a blog post also, since this is a shared blog that Judy and I are doing together.

Let me get this out of the way, I hate to bake. But I love to eat cupcakes :-)

Assuming most of the readers of this blog will be women, I want to take a moment and tell you what I will be offering all the women. Since I am a gadget freak, I was thinking of  putting up some reviews of the things that I buy, so when it’s time to buy a present for your husbands/bf’s birthday or Christmas … it will be that much easier for you. What do you think is this something that you would like to see, post in the comments below and let me know what you think about that.

Next, I can offer anyone here technical advice. So if you’re having some problems on the computer like a virus or some error messages popping up I can be here to assist you. I love working on computers so it will not be of any trouble, just let me know how I can help.

Well until next time.